Personal Chef Service



Imagine coming home after a long day to a delicious, healthy home cooked vegan meal waiting for you and your family.

All meals are prepared in your kitchen. All dishes are 100% vegan. Your meals can be made to your specification, (gluten-free, low salt, low oil, etc.). Every effort will be made to purchase organic ingredients, and to avoid palm oil. I’m also committed to avoiding single use plastic whenever possible. 

As your personal chef I will do all of the meal planning, shopping, and meal prep. Your kitchen will be left spotless. All you will have to do is reheat and enjoy.

Prices can vary depending on the number of meals and servings per meal.       

As an example, 3 entrees with appropriate side dishes for 2 people, (6 servings total) costs $180. This prices does not include the cost of the groceries.




Cooking Classes

I'm pleased to offer vegan cooking classes in your home. The classes can be just you, your family, or invite a few friends. Classes can focus on the basics, like making nut milks, nut cheeses, and cooking Tofu. Or we can dive into creating a four course plant-based meal that will impress even the more steadfast meat-eater.                                                                                                                                                                                                      





Vegan Navigator

Do you have an old family recipe or a long time favorite that you miss since going vegan. Anything can be made vegan, send me the recipe and I will create the vegan version.

I’m always happy to help people navigate the vegan world. Do you need advise on what products to buy or where to find them, send me an email.