Hello my name is Gina, I have been a Personal Chef, Caterer, and Food Truck owner/operator since 2007. In the early days the focus was multi-day private outdoor events, such as youth camps, and large bicycle rides on the Oregon Coast. While my family and I strengthened our skills in these high pressure situations, there were nagging issues in the food business that began to creep in to our consciousness. The main and most upsetting of these issues were the exploitation of animals present in every facet of the way people were eating. In 2016 my husband and I became vegan and walked away from the food business. Since that time we have met dozens of wonderful people that share our passion for the vegan life style. Applying my knowledge of food and flavors I have a renewed passion for creating vegan food that is healthy, cruelty free, and tastes fantastic. For many people making the change to a vegan diet can seem overwhelming at first. As a vegan Personal Chef I will prepare scratch made vegan meals in your home while helping people understand that eating vegan is easy and affordable.