“Private Vegan Cooking Class with Stirring Vegan! This class was a blast! We learned how to make BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sliders, Coleslaw, Mac and Cheese, Gelato, and Lemon Curd! Class was at lunchtime and I was so full that I didn’t even need to eat dinner last night. We learned so many nifty tricks and tips and laughed the entire time. I highly recommend Stirring Vegan”

Selena Holmes, Bellingham WA.

Tofu Benedict

Tofu Benedict

personal chef

Do you live in the South Puget Sound area of Washington State? Have Gina create delicious, fresh, healthy vegan meals for your family. Learn More

Spiced Apple Cake

Spiced Apple Cake

 Cooking Classes

Gina also offers cooking classes. Want to learn to make vegan cheese, cook the best tofu you've ever had, or create anything else you can dream up?  It can be you, your entire family, or invite a few friends and have a party.

We are still searching for an affordable venue to host public cooking classes that will allow for attendee participation. In the mean time we would like to encourage everyone to get a group of people together and host a class in your home or any community space that you have access to. We will gladly travel through out the Puget Sound area to teach any type of vegan cooking that you want to learn.

Orzo Pasta Salad

Orzo Pasta Salad

 Vegan Navigator

Gina can also help you find your way through the world of vegan food.  Is there an old family recipe you want to veganize, or something you are missing from your previous menu, any item can be made vegan. Learn More

Have a look at what Gina has in her vegan pantry


PLTS- potato, lettuce, tomato sandwich

Pizza sandwich

“Chicken” flavored seitan with “cheese” tortas

Mediterranean melt

Sloppy bao


Corn fritters

Jerusalem artichoke hummus

Roasted artichokes with lemon butter

Golden and red beet stacks with “goat cheese”

Fried tomatillios with creamy cumin dip




Spinach and arugula lasagna roll ups

Pea, herb and “mozzarella” pie

Lemon and asparagus pasta

Tex-mex stuffed peppers

Summer squash and “ricotta” galette



Bitter greens with lemon mustard dressing

Green cabbage with apple, watercress, fennel and pecans

Spring potato salad with tarragon and dill dressing

Asian slaw with Napa cabbage

Basil, corn and cucumber salad




Baby bok choy sauteed with lemon and garlic

Mustard and maple glazed carrots

Whole roasted romanesco with curry lemon sauce

Sauteed green beans with fennel and garlic

Slow roasted blistered tomatoes



Rose and rhubarb layer cake with vanilla bean frosting

Salted chocolate, raspberry and pistachio pot de creme

Lemon thyme bars

Lavender blueberry pop tarts

Rustic peach and plum tart